Dear Kehillat Schechter,

Mazal tov to Ezra Epstein on becoming a Bar Mitzvah this Shabbat! We were honored to celebrate Ezra, along with his parents, Leah and Jeff, and sister Dalia at Thursday’s outdoor tefillah and Torah reading service. Ezra and his family have every reason to be beaming with pride as they continue their celebration with Congregation Shaarey Tikvah throughout Shabbat. Special thanks to Rabbi Scott Roland for joining us as Gross Schechter Day School marked Ezra’s milestone and the start of his family’s simcha.

Our Schechter Soccer team continues to make us proud. The Schechter Sharks are dedicated and spirited competitors. They’ve played in 5 matches and their current record is 2-2-1. Please join us at their final home game day, this Monday at 4:30 pm to cheer them on and show our appreciation for their sportsmanship and a great season.

Chef Stephanie and her team continue to nurture students, faculty and staff. We are grateful for Stephanie and Tierra’s commitment to providing appetizing meals with smiles and warm hospitality. A special thanks to kitchen volunteers Patti Rogat and Jackie Chudakoff. Your help and presence pull everything together and add to the positive lunch time experience. I’ve included here a link
 to the monthly menu on the school website. Knowing lunch menus in advance may be helpful to your family. Also, having the menu helps to start conversations with your child about their day at school.

Shabbat at Gross Schechter Day School started with a bang today. We reintroduced Shabbat Shabang for the student body, but in a much larger space than in years past. In addition to seating students by class, we also had the Gym doors wide open to bring in fresh air from the outside to add to the air circulating from our HVAC systems. In this way and many more, Gross Schechter Day School continuously teaches and models the centrality and gift of Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ginny Galili
Head of School

  • Monday, October 25: Soccer home game vs. Ratner. 4:30pm at GSDS soccer field.
  • Wednesday, October 27: Parent-Teacher conferences on ZOOM, 4:30-7:30pm.
  • Friday, November 12: No School for Students (ICC-8th Grade), Professional Development Day for Staff. ICC will also be closed. 
  • Tuesday, November 16: Climb Up to Kindergarten (for parents of children ages 3-5), 7:00pm in the Media Center.
  • Friday, November 19:  Early Friday dismissal begins at 2:30pm.
  • Saturday, November 20: 2nd Annual Drive-In Movie Night, with special pre-show of the Winter Concert! More information to follow.

Parshat – Vayera

Vayeira is the parsha with all the things. Read the parsha here. Indeed, many of Judaism’s most famous stories are jam packed into this one parsha. The parsha begins with Avraham greeting three mysterious people who tell him that he is going to have a son, prompting Sarah to laugh. Next we have the epic story of S’dom, the wicked city and Lot’s rescue from it. And then, the parsha concludes with the story of the binding of Isaac – a powerful story of faith.

Write your answers to the questions below and send them to Those with correct answers will be featured in the next newsletter:
  1. Besides having so many foundational Jewish stories, this parsha also has many foundational foods. How many foods can you find in the parsha?
Last Week’s answers:
  1. In this week’s parsha, we are introduced to a very important city but it’s called by another name. Which city is it and what is it’s alternative name?
    1. Jerusalem is called Shalem in the parsha

Shabbat Shalom,

Elana Perlin
Director of Judaic Studies

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