Dear Kehillat Schechter,

Mazal tov to Gross Schcechter’s fourth grade class on their receiving of their tikkunim today! This morning we gathered with the families to celebrate the Class of 2026 first steps toward becoming proficient Torah readers. We are very grateful to Dr. Sylvia Kramer, Anne Adelman and the Malcmacher, Adelman, Kramer and Evans families for making this possible. Dr. Sylvia Kramer shared the inspiring family story that launched the Morry and Lola Malcmacher Torah Reading Fund. It is because of the visionary leadership of the Malcmacher family that every Gross Schechter fourth grade student is gifted with their very own personalized Tikkun.

I shared with the fourth graders today that like Avraham and Sarah began a journey that we will learn about in this week’s Parsha, Lech Lecha, they, too, began a journey today. They are stepping out and stepping up to lead their Jewish community when they learn the skill of reading from the Torah. This super power that Gross Schechter Day School students uniquely acquire, will be a force for good for the rest of their lives.

Wherever Gross Schechter Day School students or alumni step forward to share their Torah reading skills, they are making a difference, contributing and leading. It may be in their synagogues, in a struggling Jewish community far away, or even in a hospital or nursing care facility. Those who hear them chant Torah benefit from, and appreciate hearing, the words of their most sacred text.

We cannot wait for our fourth grade students to join the ranks of Gross Schechter Day School Torah readers. We know their journey will be successful, and we look forward to being led by every one of them in the days and years ahead.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ginny Galili
Head of School

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  • Thursday, October 21: Parent-teacher conferences on ZOOM, 4:30-7:30pm.
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Parshat – Lech Lecha

Avram is the hero of this story. We learn about his journey out of his homeland, his family life, and his trust in Hashem. Read the parsha here. Names and their meanings, is a major theme in this parsha. Avram and Sarai get a name change and we are introduced to Malki-Tzedek, a mysterious king with a telling name. Which makes you think, would a rose by any other name REALLY smell as sweet?

Write your answers to the questions below and send them to Those with correct answers will be featured in the next newsletter:
  1. In this week’s parsha, we are introduced to a very important city but it’s called by another name. Which city is it and what is it’s alternative name?
Last Week’s answers:
  1. There are two instances in this parsha of people who change the world by being the inventor or creator of something new. Who are those people and what do they do? Hint: One occurs in chapter 9 and one occurs in chapter 10.
    1. Noach becomes the first person to plant a vineyard
    2. Nimrod becomes the first hunter

Shabbat Shalom,

Elana Perlin
Director of Judaic Studies

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