March 18, 2022 15 Adar II 5782 Parashat Tzav Candle Lighting 7:18 pm

Dear Kehillat Schechter, Yesterday I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I could not have been more thankful to Gross Schechter Day School’s parent body for choosing GSDS as their children’s school. While in our Purim parade, and our spectacular all-school Megillah reading, it was very clear to me that–together–we are growing students who are proudly mastering academic excellence amid the joys of Jewish living.

The observance of Purim includes performing four mitzvot (commandments); Mishloach Manot (giving gifts of food to friends), Matanot La’evyonim (giving charity to the poor), Lishmoah Megillah (hearing the reading of the Book of Esther) and Mishte (feasting). Between the generous exchange of gifts of food, the coin challenge to raise funds for families impacted by the war in Ukraine, the many students who beautifully chanted the entire Megillat Esther, and the hundreds of savored hamantaschen cookies, I can assure you: Gross Schechter Day School checked the boxes of all four mitzvot. If you missed our Megillah reading extravaganza at school or on Facebook Live, please click here and enjoy! An extra special thank you goes out to SPA and all volunteers who packed and delivered our baseball themed Gross Schechter Mishloach Manot!

In the spirit of gratefulness, please join me in thanking Mrs. Donell Newman and the Gross Schechter Day School Read for Life Committee for eight weeks of outstanding literacy programming. At the Read for Life closing ceremony today, we saluted the creator and long-time sponsor, Ida Grinberg, and we announced that GSDS students read 2,108 books in just two short months. As an alumni parent, I can attest that Read for Life builds lifelong memories and an ongoing thirst for knowledge.

In continuing on the theme of seeking knowledge, I want to offer a congratulations to our 7th graders who participated in the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair:
  • Maya Gorodeski- 2nd Place Behavioral Science
  • Asher Solomon – 2nd Place Biology
  • Sadie Barnholtz – 3rd Place Health and Medicine
  • Ezra Epstein – 3rd Place Behavioral Science (Board of Directors Award)
  • Sammy Lazzaro – 3rd Place Behavioral Science
  • Koby Saidel – 3rd Place Behavioral Science
  • Jordan Uria – 3rd Place Physics
  • Kate Kriwinsky – 3rd Place Physics
  • Jonah Greller – 3rd Place Physics

May you and your families enjoy good books and tasty leftover hamantaschen this weekend.

Shabbat Shalom,

  • Friday, March 25 – Saturday, March 26: Middle School Shabbaton at Camp Wise
  • Monday, March 28: Parent Teacher Conferences NO SCHOOL – click here to sign up.
  • Sunday, April 3: Donor Appreciation Event at District Gallery, 6:30 pm

This week’s parsha continues to speak about work in the mishkan, the ins and outs of the sacrifices. Read the parsha here. Interestingly, the parsha begins not with the sacrifices themselves but with the process of cleaning up after the sacrifices. Cleaning up may not be a glamorous part of life but it is a necessary one. And clearly, since the Torah cares to mention it, a valued one as well. In this way, feel good when you’ve taken out the trash!

This week’s question: Although most of the laws in this parsha do not apply to us today, one practical law exists in this week’s parsha. What is it?

Last week’s answer:  Why was the attack from Amalek such a cowardly act of antisemitism? The people of Amalek attacked the Jewish people from behind.

Shabbat Shalom,

Report Card Update from Mr. Boroff

As of this weekend, Trimester 2 Report Cards have been posted in the Parent Portal for students in grades K-8. These assessments are important windows into your child(ren)’s progress. Our amazing teachers have worked hard to best capture the work of your children in these reports. We encourage you to review these report cards at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions about the content of the report cards, we ask that you contact the teachers directly. They are more than happy to answer questions. If you have technical difficulties accessing your account in the Parent Portal, you may contact Danielle Shainker or Janna Dorfman for help logging in.

We thank the teachers for their ongoing commitment to Gross Schechter students’ growth and success.

Coin Challenge Continues Through March 25

The Jewish Federation of Cleveland asked our student body to help them, along with the worldwide Jewish community, to help the Jews who are in need in Ukraine and Russia. The middle school student council decided that to help they would put on a school wide Coin Challenge! Not only will the proceeds go to benefit the Jews in need during this crisis, but it will also build ruach in our school with the healthy competition it will bring.  Though Purim has concluded, our school will continue to participate in the mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim, which is giving gifts to the poor. After one week the standings are as follows:

1st place: 3rd and 4th grade with 8,875 points 2nd place: 1st and 2nd grade with 5,490 points 3rd place: ECC & Kindergarten with 4,092 points 4th place: 5th and 6th grade with 535 points 5th place: 7th and 8th grade with -956 points 6th place: Staff with -1482 points

For more information, please contact Julia Meyer.

Camp Ramah Updates Camp Ramah will be hosting an event at Camp Ho Mita Koda Sunday, March 20 from 1:00-4:00 PM for families to see the site for REGL (Ramah Eastern Great Lakes) 2022, spend time together, eat lunch and have fun with some great Ramah programming! There is no cost to this program, and families can register for this program here! See the attached flier for more information. As an added bonus, Camp Ramah staffers will be at Gross Schechter during drop off on Monday, March 21 starting at 8:00 am to talk about the upcoming summer and answer questions that parents might have! B’nai Jeshurun Shabbaton at Camp Wise Students in Grades 3 through 6 are invited to join B’nai Jeshurun Congregation for their Youth Shabbaton, April 29 – May 1, at Camp Wise (with busing to/from B’nai Jeshurun)! Let your children experience the magic of camp and celebrate Shabbat together with friends, gain skills and learn to become more independent, all while absorbing the Jewish values we cherish! Click here for more details and to register!

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