This week, we concluded our Sveta Grinberg Read for Life Program, a multi-week celebration of reading that took our students around the world, reading 1,287 books and providing incredible tikkun olam projects along the way. This celebration brought in children’s author, Adam T. Newman, provided valuable programs that brought our students and our families together and celebrated music from different countries as well in our K-8 concert earlier this week. I would like to thank the members of the Read for Life Committee for their hard work, creative programming and dedication: Laura Albert, Davida Amkraut,Tracey Bortz, Mandy DuBro, Marci Friedman, Abby Greenfield, Laurie Gross-Kammer, Lisa Loeb, Nancy Markus, Donell Newman, Orli Rabkin, Rory Sanders, Stephanie Schechter, Fredell Schnee, Danielle Shainker, Rabbi Ben Shlimovitz and Vicki Teitelbaum. I would also like to thank Ida and Mikhail Grinberg, who generously support this program each year in memory of their daughter, Sveta, an avid reader. Tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh Nisan, a sign that Pesach is just around the corner. Our students are busy preparing for all of their model sedarim. As you conduct and attend your own sedarim in a few weeks, ask your children to be active participants. I think you will be delighted to see how much of the seder they can lead and the dialogue that you can have together about Pesach and the Exodus. As we close the week, I encourage you to take a look at our Schechter Spring Sale and forward the information to your friends and relatives. We are trying to secure funds for supplies and materials that our students need in the school. Simply forward the website on to your networks so we can raise additional funds for educational materials. Thank you for your help!

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Rachel Lappen

Rachel is the proud parent of two Schechter students.