Please join us in congratulating our Mensches of February!

Sixth Grade – Sammy Wainkroot received many nominations from his classmates, especially for helping people with math. He also gave a snack to someone who did not have one after school. Sammy sent Mrs.Ebner an email when she was out of school to ask how she was feeling and send well wishes, which was so thoughtful and kind of him! During TOPs, Sammy was uncomfortable in a new situation, but he really stepped up and handled a hard situation in a mature way. He worked with the clients at Ascentia and played games with them. He made a big difference and helped to bring smiles to their faces! Sammy always has a smile on his face and is ready to learn in each and every class. He brightens our days.

Seventh Grade – Jamie Marderstein is a student who is always willing to help others and our Schechter community. She helps others with schoolwork straightens up rooms at the end of the day, and is active in Student Council. She not only was nominated by her peers, but also took the time to nominate others. We are a stronger community because of Jamie Marderstein, our seventh grade Mensch of the Month.

Eighth Grade – Gabe Wolf is also known as Tech Support in the 8th grade is always willing to help anyone with any tech issue. Whether it be a student in his grade or a teacher, Gabe is proficient with computers and is generous with his knowledge. Gabe is also doing a great job as president of the student government. He has been attentive to his responsibilities.

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