Rose Cohen, Eighth Grade Student, Class of 2017

Each year the Eighth Grade has an important job to raise enough money for our trip of a lifetime – Israel. One event we had was a car wash. We transformed the parking lot into the car wash of the century! At first sight, it might have looked like a bunch of kids with buckets of soapy water, sponges and towels; but to us it was a way for us to come together and work as a team. Thank you to everyone who supported our first fundraising event.

Another way that we are raising money for Israel is selling snacks at home soccer and basketball games. Check out the schedule online to find out when those games are and your stomachs could be filled with delicious treats such as: popcorn, fruit roll-ups, chips and more. And most importantly, you can cheer for our teams that work hard everyday to bring our school a win. GO SHARKS!!!!!

The final fundraising event for the fall is for all middle schoolers and their families. Please join us at the Galili house for an outdoor movie and a bonfire on Saturday, October 29, 7:45 pm ~ 10 pm.

We can’t wait for the best trip of our lives and we appreciate all of the support!

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