Davida Amkraut, Middle School Language Arts, 8th Grade GLA

Today, along with family, friends, staff and students, the Schechter community celebrated the graduation of the 2017 Eighth Grade Class. The ceremony included reflections and songs in Hebrew and English from the graduating students and the presentation of awards and graduation certificates. The evening prior to graduation, the students, their families and teachers celebrated with a special dinner paying tribute to the students, their achievements over their many years at Schechter and special memories that they shared during their course of study and culminating trip to Israel.

Graduation is a time for reflection, celebration and recognition, including the presentation of special awards to students in several categories. Elizabeth Rush received the Coleman Brosilow Award, which is presented to a student who exemplifies leadership and excellence in all areas. Zachary Mangel won the Torah Award for academic excellence in both General and Judaic Studies, the pursuit of knowledge and a love of learning. Joshua Murdakhaev won the Alec Joshua Feldman (z’l) Memorial Creative Writing Award, established in memory of Alec Feldman, Class of 2010, who had a strong love for writing- Andrew Feldman, class of 2013 presented the award on behalf of the family. Nick Linetsky was awarded the Avodah Award for his commitment to Jewish living. The Gemilut Hasadim Award, for acts of kindness towards others, went to Rose Cohen, and the Manhigut – Leadership in Israel Award was presented to Ilan Amkraut and Morris Davidov who exemplified leadership and maturity during the group’s recent trip to Israel.

Two students, Ilan Amkraut (Grade 8) and Daniel Uria (Grade 7), received the Lee Schneider Tikkun Olam Award for acts of kindness and their commitment to The Friendship Circle.

The Eighth Grade graduating students from Gross Schechter Day School are: Ilan Amkraut, Michelle Aylyarov, Lindy Bobrow, Rose Cohen, Morris Davidov, Ezra Galili, Isaiah Jacobs, Netanel Linetsky, Zachary Mangel, Joshua Murdakhaev, Jacob Rudin-Luria, Elizabeth Rush, Daniella Sosonov, Avery Steinberg, Reanna Tsirlin and Gabriel Wolf.

The students will be attending the following high schools: Beachwood High School, Hawken, Laurel, Solon High School, Fuchs Mizrachi School, Orange High School, Mayfield High School, Gilmour Academy and Kirtland High School.

We are incredibly proud of another outstanding class of graduation students.

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