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Israel 2022 – Day 7: Zach Smith

Yesterday we went on a hike at the Ein Avdat, a national park in the Negev. On this hike, there’s a beautiful oasis and then a spot where you have to hike up a ladder one-by-one. It was so hot and it seems like a bunch of other groups had the idea to hike Ein Avdat at the same time,...
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1st Grade Milestone-The Kabbalat Siddur Program!

The Kabbalat Siddur is a major milestone of the 1st grade! This capstone program allows the students to demonstrate a level of independence in Hebrew reading. Students gain competence reciting the prayers and are well on their way to navigating the siddur on their own. It is an exciting celebration of song and prayer. It is lovely to see the...
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8th Grade Israel Blog Day 15: Perry and Jacob

Dear Families and Friends, Today has been a fantastic Wednesday in Eilat and Kibbutz Ketura. Before the day had even started, plans changed when then the night before there was a high risk of a שיטפון a flash flood, in Har Ha’Tzfahot. This was going to be the most challenging hike followed by an early morning Tefillah. Too bad we...
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