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Watch our Garden Grow

Watch our Garden Grow This summer, construction will begin on the initial phase of the garden project that will have a strong impact on our curriculum, community engagement and involvement in Tikkun Olam. We envision the creation of a sustainable garden that will create an opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom. Our goal is to enhance our curriculum...
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Welcoming an Engineering Expert

Matt Norton, Science Teacher On Wednesday, February 10, our middle school students had the opportunity to hear a special guest, Lorry Wagner, PhD, President of Lake Eerie Energy Corporation (LEEDCO). LEEDCO has partnered with several counties and businesses in the northeast Ohio area to install six wind turbines 6-10 miles off the shores of Lake Erie, with the first installation...
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science fair

Exploring Scientific Research

Matt Norton, Science grades 2-8 Each year, one of the major highlights of the seventh grade experience is the science fair. Each student spends an incredible amount of time developing a project, utilizing the scientific method, and then presents his/her research in the science fair. Many of our students go on to compete in the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering...
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