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Israel Blog 2019


Israel Blog 2019 -Day 17 and 18- Arthur Stadlin

For our last two full days in Israel and the final Shabbat, we had some of the most meaningful experiences of the trip. After waking up, we had our last regular tefillah in the holy land and in the city of Jerusalem, and then ate breakfast. We proceeded to enter the bus and had a quick drive to Yad Vashem....
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Israel Blog 2019 -Day 15- Sam Cohen

We started off the morning waking up very early at 4:45, our earliest wake up of the trip. After that, we went straight to the hardest hike of the trip, Har Tzfahot. It was very beautiful, and at the highest point of the climb, we had tefillah overlooking the borders of four countries – Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia....
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Israel Blog 2019 -Day 14- Maya Greller

It feels like we hike up a mountain every day, but today’s mountain was different: Masada. Masada is the hike everyone fears, but everyone counts down the minutes until it, too. We began the day waking up at the totally normal time of 5:25am, which isn’t our best time of day, but we had to beat the 100 degree heat...
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