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Beit Shean

When I first arrived in Beit Shean, I was pretty nervous. We walked up and it seemed that everyone welcomed us immediately and I easily felt comfortable. I met some pen pals including mine that were very nice. We started with ice breakers and afterwards played soccer and volleyball. It was really fun. The bus came later to pick us up, so we could be with our pen pals for the night. At first it was a little awkward, but it ended up being so much fun that night. Many of us met up around 8:00 pm and played soccer and just walked all around the city. It was a really fun night.
The next day we went to our pen pals’ school and were with them again. That day I ended up making friends with a lot of the kids from Beit Shean. We did presentations about why Jews help other Jews and went to a drum circle and also just talked. It was so much fun and I really liked being with the pen pals. All of them were really nice and fun.
~ Matthew