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A Wheely Good Time

A Wheely Good Time – April 15, 2015

Yesterday, we woke up fairly early (even though most of us were too excited to sleep and were already awake) and headed down for our first T’fillah in Israel, followed by breakfast at the kibbutz we were staying at.

We proceeded to get on our tour bus to head to a sport center for disabled children in Ramat Gan. There we had a tour of their facilities and an introduction.

The center lets kids from ages three and up train their motor skills if they were born or developed disabilities. Once the tour was over, we hopped in some wheel chairs and *attempted* to play wheelchair basketball to give us an experience of what it was like to not be able top be in control of your legs. We all had a “wheely good” time!

Next we drove up to a Druze village called Sphiyah on Mt. Carmel. There we had an overview of the Druze religion from a secular Druze who studies at Haifa University. We learned about religious Druze, secular Druze, and how their religion effected their lives. We then had a delicious meal prepared for us of pitah, vegetables and very sweet date juice.

After our Druze visit, we drove to a farm owned by the organization Leket. Leket grows food and gives some of it to organizations who distribute the food to the poor of Israel. We then picked beets and collected them for distribution. I was pretty “beet” after that (and pretty muddy). It was very fun, except for the incessant beet puns from Mr. Weiss.

– Asher