On April 30th, our Gross Schechter building was bursting at the seams with crazy colors, loud laughter, and ridiculously rowdy RUACH, as we took advantage of every minute of the day to celebrate Lag Ba’Omer with our annual COLOR WAR!

Each class/team was its own color, in order to maintain COVID-19 protocols. And while each team earned points by completing super-fun challenges, those points also went towards the larger competition between the “A” teams and the “B” teams. Challenges included a penny hunt using popsicle sticks, a paper airplane contest, an online escape room, a math trivia game, a silly scavenger hunt, and a fast-paced obstacle course.

But the day didn’t end there! Students zoomed in to watch their teachers go head to head in some pretty hilarious “Minute to Win it” challenges. How often do the teachers get to roll potatoes across the room with their noses, unwrap candy while wearing oven mitts, or get a face full of whipped cream while searching furiously for a Mike ‘n Ike?? Color war wouldn’t be complete without some totally tricky trivia. Shoutout to our 7th graders–or team Light Blue–who absolutely crushed our Schechter General and Judaic Studies trivia game.

This year, we took the competition to a new level with our all-school APACHE RELAY RACE! Everyone watched on Zoom in real time as each grade had up to 5 minutes to complete a wacky challenge, and waited with bated breath until their team was tagged to begin their own challenge! Congratulations to the entire “A” team for winning the Apache Race and for leading the entire student body in an impromptu song and dance party to celebrate!

Just for fun, the 4th-8th graders tried their hand at “Zoom Racing!” If you have ever watched the game “Who Knows One?” on Facebook, you would have been proud of the students as they used their connections to find the “chosen one” in our Cleveland community, and bring that person into the zoom room. It was a blast to watch! We promise to try to get one more session of Zoom Racing in before the end of the year.

Oh…and I can’t forget to mention that the overall winners of color war were the “B” teams, with the gold medal for the most points going to 4B–the White team!!

This was an unforgettable day here at GSDS. The students’ faces were filled with excitement from the minute they walked in the door to the minute they left. What more could you ask for?

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