Dear Families,

Day 3 was full of mixed emotions from sadness to excitement. Today was Yom HaShoah, the remembrance day for the Holocaust. We did many things to remember the significance and the terrible things that the Nazis did to us during the Holocaust. First, we went to the Atlilt, a British prison camp during the British mandate, where Jews who had tried to illegally immigrate were imprisoned, which was really sad. We went on a boat just like the one the that the Jews would go on to Israel illegally, which had been converted into a museum. After that, we had a ceremony, where we heard the siren, lit 6 candles for 6 million, and sang songs. It was very moving and we felt everyone’s sadness. Then we went to the underground prison museum in Akko. There we saw a movie about how the people tried to escape and smuggled in explosives. After, we saw their cells and felt very sad for them because it was so cramped. We also saw where they were hanged on the gallows and were disgusted.

After the morning of sadness, we had some excitement at Rosh Hanikra. To get down the mountain we went on a gondola where Jamie faced her fear of heights. We saw caves dug out by water and it was beautiful. Also, we saw the Lebanon border and the Mediterranean sea and could see for miles and miles. After we tired out and ate delicious dinner (chicken nuggets), we had a fun activity with our madrichah where she explained the inclusions of people with disabilities in youth groups. It was a very fun and eventful day. ?


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