Dear Families and Friends,

Today has been a fantastic Wednesday in Eilat and Kibbutz Ketura. Before the day had even started, plans changed when then the night before there was a high risk of a שיטפון a flash flood, in Har Ha’Tzfahot. This was going to be the most challenging hike followed by an early morning Tefillah. Too bad we had to waste our time sleeping in until 6:45 instead of the pre-planned wake-up of 5:30. Instead, we did Tefillah at the kibbutz and ate amazing pancakes at the Kibbutz Ketura’s Chadar Ochel. Immediately after breakfast, we packed our water clothing and headed to the Red Sea coral reef to snorkel.

On the bus, we didn’t know what to anticipate. Some thought there were going to be sharks in the water. But this changed when we got off the bus and split into pairs of two, of whom we would share our snorkeling gear with. When the first group stepped in the water, all they could think was, “IT’S TOO COLD. LET’S GET OUT.” Eventually, we got in and realized it wasn’t that bad. It was actually very beautiful despite ever once in a while we would accidentally take a big gulp of salt water. The corals were beautiful and we saw many schools of fish. No sharks in sight!

Snorkeling was fun, but we were about to do next was even better. Thanks to many of the students of the 8th grade, one of the things we were able to do with our fundraising money was go banana boating! Even though the trips on the boat were short, it was really fun. We were literally being challenged by the boat pulling us to not fall off, and it was a hard task. Luckily, me  (Jacob), did not fall off. Unluckily, me, (Perry), wiped out along with two others on my boat. Everybody was soaked but we loved it.

Next was another pizor lunch in a nearby mall. People were so excited in the mall though because there was a surprise right after. Hillary had said after banana boating this surprise was going to be dairy dessert. Most people guessed ice cream. Rabbi Ben also guessed, even though he wasn’t supposed too. So, it was revealed we were going to the biggest dairy Kibbutz in Israel to get some chocolate and delicious ice cream.

We could see why it was so publicized up. It was amazing and a great “surprise.” Right now, we are changing from our water clothes in the kibbutz to get messy at the sand dunes. It’s great to end this relaxing day with an energetic activity. We can’t believe we leave Sunday. It’s felt like we’ve been here for a week. We are so sad to leave but are enjoying Israel while we’re here.


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Ben Christ

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