Dear Families and Friends,

On Monday we traveled to Ben Gurion’s grave. On the way, we stopped for a silent tefilla. When we got to his grave we were surprised to see that it was no different than anyone else’s grave, it didn’t even have how long he was the prime minister for. On the way back, we saw an ibex from on top of the rocks looking down upon us, it was cool because a lot of us haven’t seen one.

For the next part of the day, we went hiking up a canyon. Part of the hike was with our favorite bus driver Moody! The weird thing about the hike was that to get out of the canyons we had to climb ladders. Since we finished the hike early we all bought ice cream, Daniel U. skipped the line, and everyone was mad, so the cashier took the money but didn’t give him the ice cream until later.

After everyone finished their ice cream, including Daniel U., we went to Sde Boker, Ben Gurion’s kibbutz and went into his house. Inside were some interesting details, he had pictures of Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and his statue. Also, his house had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a study the size as the living room. The bedrooms would be the most normal thing to be in a kibbutz house at that time. Today I also learned that Ben Gurion could speak English, Hebrew, French, Polish, Yiddish, and many more because even if he couldn’t speak the language he could fluently read it because he got about three hours of sleep every night

We were all hungry by then and luckily it was lunchtime. For lunch we went to the supermarket, we all split up into groups of five or six, with 25 shekels per person. Eli, Ethan, Jacob, Michael, and I were one group. We bought cold cuts, chips, apples, bread, and ice tea, and it was very delicious. After we ate, we all went to a playground for a little bit, it was lots of fun.

After, we went to a military base where a new soldier from New York talked about her experiences with us. She said that it was very hard, while we were there, they were building tents and it was a big mess. Keshet then showed us what their plans were for the next couple of days. It was very interesting to see how hard they work in person. After that we went to the Bedouin tents, there we rode camels with a partner and had a very good time. We then went to an actual Bedouin’s tent and drank coffee and tea. We learned that there are about 250000 Bedouins in the Negev. We then had dinner and went to bed in one big tent.

The next day we woke up early, ate breakfast, and got on the bus to go to Masada! The hike up was fast, about 10 minutes. When up there we did tefilla and learned about the past thanks to Ethan, Daniel U., and Jordana who portrayed different Important historical figures. Unlike the hike up, the hike down on the Snake Path was much longer and tiring, but it was all worth it in the end!

Then, we went to the Dead Sea where we were all very surprised at how easily we floated. The water was very oily, and the mud felt like pudding on your skin. Also, the water gave us rashes and stung our bodies.

After the dead sea, we went to Kibbutz Ketura where we will spend the next two nights. When we got there, we had a tour of it and learned how much they help the world with their money-saving devices. After the tour we went and had a barbecue on the poolside and had a blast, and that leads us up until now.


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