Dear Families and Friends,

This Friday we traveled to the ancient city of Maresha, where we participated in an archaeological dig. We were able to dig up pieces of pottery and bones from over 2000 years ago and sift through piles of dirt to find even smaller objects that we missed before. We also explored an unexcavated cave at the site and learned about the history of many of the objects that we found. We were all able to apply what we had learned in our Judaic Studies and Tanach classes, and even able to see many of the things we had learned about in real life. We were able to see what we had learned come to life and experience the real thing rather than just reading it from a book.

From there we had lunch at a mall in Tel Aviv, and then all went our separate ways with our Host Families for Shabbat. The three of us all went together to Daniel’s cousins for the weekend and enjoyed a delicious Shabbat dinner, a walk along the port in Tel Aviv, and some down time to hang out and take a break from our tour. It made us all truly feel back at home, enjoying a delicious homecooked meal for the first time in a while and spending good quality time with family and friends.

We all met back up bright and early on Sunday morning to continue our tour. First we visited the Holon Children’s Museum just outside of Tel Aviv, where we experienced what it would be like to live as a deaf person. We participated in all kinds of activities that involved absolutely no sound, only using your other senses such as sight and touch. One of the coolest things was that by the end of it, we were able to order food at a bar without even saying a word. It was a truly incredible experience to be put in the shoes of a deaf person, and learn about their everyday lives.

After Holon we began to travel south to the Negev, where we will be spending the next week of our trip. We visited Shvil Hasalat (The Salad Trail) where we learned all about growing crops in the desert. We learned about the drip irrigation system, the method of growing crops in the Negev, and even tasted many of the crops that they grew. We ended our activities there by sending off eight pigeons in honor of the eight people who died on their Kibbutz during the War of Independence.

We finally ended our day by checking into Kibbutz Meshabe Sadeh and reflecting on our Shabbats and weekend experiences.


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