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Har Arbel

On Friday,, we started our day like any other; woke up at 6:30, breakfast at 7:00, but we went somewhere special for Tfillah. We went to Mt. Arbel. We hiked to the top and prayed. Then we wrote in our journals about the amazing view. There was the Hula Valley below us and rolling mountains all around. After journal time, we starting to hike down the cliff.

At first, it was easy. Just going down a path. We had an amazing view. After we sat down to have some water, Ariel, our tour guide, told us that there were metal ropes we had to hold on to and to be very careful. I was terrified. I went in between Ariel and Mr. Weiss because I am not always the best with heights. We started going down a staircase made out of rocks carved into the mountain. I thought that it was more of the same thing we just did, but then there were the metal ropes we had to hang on to.  I honestly thought that I could not do it. I kept thinking that I was going to accidentally let go or misplace my foot and that I would die.  My friends were at the top or behind me swinging around on the ropes and singing. I was practically crying and did not want to go down. Once we got to a huge landing at the bottom of the climbing part, I had no clue how I felt. I felt proud that I had just climbed down a mountain, but I was also very scared. I looked up at what I had just climbed down and I was amazed. I am glad that I hiked down Mt Arbel.