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Rafting on the Jordan River

We walked off the bus with our bathing suits and quickly changed. The instructor showed us a map of the river and told us where to go and where not to go. We split up into groups of five and each group was assigned one adult to go with them. The adult that went on my raft was our Madricha, Hilah. We gave the instructor our tickets and got in the raft. The raft was pushed into the water and we began to paddle. We only had two paddle, so we took turns using them. We passed every raft in front of us, and we had some fun splashing them. We were so far ahead, we just got out of the boat and floated down. Eventually we climbed back into our boat and paddled some more.

We docked our raft by the shore and we all got out. We were going to a bush the other boats when they would pass us. Jack and I hid on one side of the river while Micah, Aidan, Gabe, and Hilah stood in the water. The boats came closer, and we jumped off the shore into the water and started splashing. A wild war started between all of the boats – the main target being the other rafts paddles. It was a fierce battle, but in the end, Mr. Weiss’ raft took almost all of the paddles. We were left with no paddles and nothing except the current to get us to the end. We floated on the water slowly as the other rafts slowly faded off in the distance.

~ Noah