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April 20, 2015


Working with the elderly in Beit Shean

For our eighth grade journey to Israel, we had the amazing opportunity to be paired up with another eighth grader who lives in Beit Shean. Recently, after months of emailing, we were able to spend the past two days meeting and getting to know our pen pals! Not only did we become close friends with our individual pen pal, but...
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Beit Shean

When I first arrived in Beit Shean, I was pretty nervous. We walked up and it seemed that everyone welcomed us immediately and I easily felt comfortable. I met some pen pals including mine that were very nice. We started with ice breakers and afterwards played soccer and volleyball. It was really fun. The bus came later to pick us...
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Rafting on the Jordan River

We walked off the bus with our bathing suits and quickly changed. The instructor showed us a map of the river and told us where to go and where not to go. We split up into groups of five and each group was assigned one adult to go with them. The adult that went on my raft was our Madricha,...
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